Dell 760 Bench

Dell Optiplex 760

$169.00 $149.00

Product Description

Dell 760 Bench

Dell Optiplex 760

The Somewhat iconic Dell 700 series can be found working in offices around the world. Still working..

Though they look outwardly identical, what lies beneath the hood of these little machines varies wildy, especially after they have been refurbished. These are full of Dell original parts and haven’t needed upgrades since they were spec’d well from the factory to begin with.

-3.0 GHz E8400 Intel Core 2 Processor with 6MB L2 Cache

-Radeon 3450 Discrete graphics with dual Display Port digital output

-250GB 7200RPM hard drive

-4GB DDR2-6400 RAM

– DVD Multi-Writer

– Windows 7 Home Premium or Professional with installation media certificate of authenticity and product key


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